Benefits for the Kittery Community

The project will be a unique blend of the old and revered, an enduring symbol of Kittery’s important role in Maine’s history, and an exciting model of a modern 21st-century library.

  • The improvements to the iconic Rice building will preserve its distinguished historic exterior and prominent position as the landmark gateway to Kittery’s vibrant downtown while updating access into and throughout to allow all citizens to enjoy the wider range of services, materials and enriching activities it will be able to offer.
  • The addition will be a state-of-the art, environmentally sensitive structure with flexible areas that can be reconfigured as the population’s needs and library offerings change in the future.  
  • The new facility will be a primary gathering place where our residents can come together to enjoy an array of stimulating cultural, informational and social opportunities, thus fostering a stronger sense of community.
  • By combining the collections and services of both buildings into the same location, the Library will be safer and more convenient for patrons to access.  At this time, no increase in staffing is anticipated and future operating costs will be offset by the many energy-efficient systems incorporated into the building design.  Moreover, the staff will be able to perform their many duties more efficiently in the more functional, centrally organized work areas. 
  • The new complex will contribute to Kittery’s reputation as an historically rich and dynamic community — and as a great place to live and work.